Oswestry Homeless Action

Supporting the homeless in Oswestry

We have been working with the homeless community of Oswestry and surrounding areas for nearly two years. The project started informally, taking an hour out of the day to take water and sandwiches out to everyone in the middle of summer, to warm blankets and hot drinks in the winter. People started to come to us asking for help. Sometimes for an extra blanket, sometimes in sobs of desperation.

Due to the lack of resources in the area and the level of need we decided to develop a project that would provide practical support in terms of emergency shelter ie tents, sleeping bags, roll mats and camp stoves as well as clothes, food, toiletries, laundry facility and a place people can can to chat, warm and receive signposting information.

Thankfully we have amazing supporters who raise money and buy the emergency shelter packs for us to distribute.  The emergency pack includes a tent, sleeping bag, roll mat and a rucksack.  It’s not an ideal situation to find yourself homeless and be handed a tent. However it is the back up solution to avoid people sleeping with no shelter at all.

Since the project began the need for emergency shelter has unfortunately grown. In year one we distributed 26 packs, we have not yet finished year two and we have already distributed 42.

Are there really homeless people in Oswestry?

This is the question we get asked most often. The answer is unfortunately,  yes. Oswestry like every other town has a population of people who are sleeping in alleyways, cars, caravans and tents hidden out of view. Most are fearful of what could happen to them, some are embarrassed so don’t wish to be seen.

There are many complex and varied reason why people become homeless. We’ll share real stories of how your support enables us to help people get their foot back on the ladder or just what difference providing the basics of food, warms and emergency shelter makes to people who are the most vulnerable.

How Can I Help?

There are many ways the fantastic people of Oswestry can support Oswestry Homeless Action. You can donate items like tents, sleeping bags, roll mats, rucksacks, toiletries, food, flasks, organise a fundraiser, buy someone a hot drink or a meal deal, or donate on a monthly basis.