Have you been along to the fantastic project based at Holy Trinity Church yet? If not why not?

Ben and Tom are the brothers behind the fantastic project that takes donated surplus food and creates amazing meals for the community on a pay as you feel basis.

We met Tom and Ben before they began the project and encouraged them to get it off the ground. The project matches very well with out social purpose and a pay as you feel cafe using surplus food has always been on our list of must haves. As an organisation we support people living in poverty and the homeless so being able to provide hot nutritious food at whatever they can afford seemed to be a project that was much needed in this town. Therefore we will support OsNosh in whatever way we can.

The project not only benefits the community by providing meals to those who need them but also decreases food waste which is an ever increasing problem for our environment.

It’s an open event, so everyone is welcome. Why not pop along with your colleagues and taste food you would expect to see in a restaurant and donate to help the project continue.

OsNosh is every Thursday at 12 noon at Holy Trinity Church

They are always in need of food donations so please contact them if you can help out.

Please support this amazing project to not only continue but to flourish!