Every year the fantastic Hope Church spend 20 hours volunteering in the community. Everything from tidying community spaces, gardening, painting and this year they will be helping us create our Branch Hub.

Hope Church is a very community oriented anyway, but each OsBless they give up their time for the good of the community. This will be the third year OsBless has gifted us with volunteers! In the two previous years they have organised our warehouses. As an organisation based on volunteers, but never enough volunteers we always find ourselves with too much work. Thankfully the amazing folk come over and help us out.

This year they are creating space in the corner of the shop to make our Branch Hub which will be a place where homeless people can spend time in the day, charge phones, use computers and access the support they require. They will also be organising our storage area!

We cannot thank Hope Church and every individual that takes part in OsBless for helping us annually!

I’ll provide pictures with an update shortly. To begin with it will just be a space but we hope to fund everything we need through our tree of Hope campaign. All you need to do to support our Branch Hub is to call in to the shop buy a leaf for £1 or a branch for £20, write on it and attach it to the tree!

We hope to soon have a coffee machine, laptops, and lockers to save people carrying all their possessions around with them all day.

If you’d like to know more about Hope Church and OsBless please click here.

If you would like to volunteer at CHALK or can donate anything towards our Branch Hub please contact us on 01691 617737 or 655895 or email chalkcicshop@gmail.com