For the last four months we have been brightening up our window with this lovely tree designed by Wendy and leaves designed by our volunteers Annie and Kathelen and purchased by the fantastic people of Oswestry.

But there’s been a lot going on so I though I’d remind everyone what our Tree of Hope is, what it will fund and how you can help.

We’ve been working with the homeless for nearly four years now. Providing practical resources such as tents, sleeping bags, food, hot drinks as well as sign posting and advice.

In that time we have found it difficult that we are unable to offer an area where people who are homeless can be in the day, to meet with their support workers, to access online portals for housing and benefits and also to receive support from us.

Therefore we decided to open up a space in the shop to create the Branch Hub.

The Branch Hub will include a coffee machine with homeless and previously homeless volunteers trained as baristas, laptops, lockers and comfortable seating.

In order for us to do that we have launched our Tree of Hope Campaign. Leaves can be purchased for £1 each and branches can be purchased for £20.  All money raised will go towards the Branch Hub.

Are you a school or organisation who like to understand why we are doing this and how you can help?

Please get in touch!

Call or email us on

01691 655895

01691 671137